I contacted John Mallon the Owner of Radon Detection and Control LLC, regarding Sub Slab Ventilation to resolve a vapor intrusion issue in a 25,000 square foot warehouse with an upper and lower level. The chemicals that were addressed were Hydrocarbons and PCE. Sub slab ventilation systems are best to alleviate indoor vapors arising from subsurface contamination. The first step was to move in to the exploratory phase by drilling exploratory 5” diameter holes to establish and identify the soil and to see how the exhaust pipes would draw vapors. After that was accomplished, we move to the engineering and design of the system. John was there guiding me and explaining the entire process and recapped the implementation of each stage. John’s technicians were extremely knowledgeable, courteous and polite and furthermore did not need to be told to cleanup at the end of each day. The Sub Slab Ventilation is a faster and more economical option and, in my opinion, a better method for remediation than jack hammering concrete floors and then excavating contaminated soil, dealing with landfill costs per ton and then refilling the excavated area with an aggregate of preference and the pouring of new slab floors. Most banks are requiring with an Environmental Phase II Study an Indoor Air Quality Test. The health and welfare of employees and frequent clients and visitors is a liability that building owners must be concerned with as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania constantly makes tighter tolerances when it comes to air quality standards regarding inhalation. Following the installation of a system you will be required to have another Indoor Air Quality Test. What is reviewed is your current concentration levels in all required specified areas and how those levels compare to the standards of; state, county, city or local governing body so that all concentrations tested are below applicable standards for comparison purposes. I highly recommend Radon Detection and Control LLC / John Mallon for his professionalism and knowledge regarding Sub Slab Ventilation and his entire staff at Radon Detection and Control without any reservation. There is a price you pay for quality and a job well done, however they enabled me to solve my worst headache and to be able to move forward and sell my building.

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