Radon in Large Buildings – Commercial Businesses

Radon is an invisible, unscented form of radiation that kills many people each and every year in America. The American family and workplace is no longer safe from radiation poison as it seeps into your home or office without being noticed. It is crucial that you have your house or office checked at least two times per year to make certain that you and your family is safe from any Radon that may come into your property.

The home is not the only location that Radon has been found; unfortunately, schools and offices have found high levels of Radon. It is important that you make sure your school checks for Radon to make sure that your children are in a safe environment. Those who work in office buildings must also request that the area be Radon tested at least one time a year for your own personal safety. Radon is an extremely dangerous form of radiation and extended time of living under the effects could cause a person to get very ill.

Radon Detection in WV and PA

Even though you aren’t able to observe Radon, it is possible to measure the amount that builds up in your home, office or school by using a Radon detector. The Radon detector measures picocuries per liter of air. The pCi/L can let you know how dangerous the building you’re in is. Our Radon testing and Radon removal company offers affordable Radon detection services so you don’t have to go out and buy your own Radon detector.

It’s easier for Radon to get into your house or business through the wall surfaces, roof, and flooring than it is for Radon to leave your property. The Radon generally gets stuck without any escape route, and that’s the reason it is vital that you use a Radon Reduction System from our Radon company to rid your property of any trapped Radon. You’d be amazed at the many different ways that Radon can enter your property. Radon is known to enter your property through the cracks in the flooring and the wall surfaces. Radon can enter your home or office through the construction joints and particularly through the service pipes which are connected to your home. When you take into account all the methods that your home could be filled up with Radon it is a smart decision to do Radon testing.

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