Vapor Intrusion Services

Vapor intrusion intrusion is the movement of chemical vapors into structures from contaminated soil and groundwater. These Vapors move into structures through openings in the foundation floors and/or walls. Some vapors may even pass through concrete. The pathways include: cracks, control joints, shrinkage openings, gaps around pipe penetrations, sumps, porosities, etc. Large areas may include earth floors, crawlspaces, mortar-less brick floors, cisterns, pits, storage tanks, etc.

Chemical vapors in the indoor breathing air pose serious health risks for the occupants. The buildup of some vapors can even cause explosive conditions.

According to the USEPA “risks will depend on the types of chemical vapors and their concentrations, how much time people spend in the building, and the building’s ventilation. Vapor concentrations will be higher indoors when windows and doors remain closed. Mitigation methods, which lessen the effects of vapor intrusion, may be needed until contaminated soil or groundwater is cleaned up.”

RDCLLC designs and installs Chemical Vapor Mitigation Systems. These Systems can mitigate problems in existing buildings (of any age) and new construction. The Mitigation Systems can avoid problems on or near contaminated sites.

Please contact Radon Detection and Control, LLC to discuss solutions for your particular vapor intrusion needs!

Vapor Intrusion Testing Partners

Characterization of specific Vapor Intrusion Sources, Types and Locations have become routine inspections and analysis. Work has focused on industrial, commercial, multifamily and residential properties. Testing may include but is not limited to: soil, groundwater, soil gas sampling, well installation, Underground Storage Tank closure site assessments, groundwater monitoring events, Phase II/Phase III site assessments and assessment of Vapor Intrusion into Structures on Properties Involved in Real Estate Transactions (ASTM E2600-10).

RDCLLC partners with the top providers of these services and can advise and recommend the appropriate Specialists.


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