Radon Water Contamination

Most homeowners are aware of the threat that radon gas presents to the health of the air in their home. However, radon is toxic in other ways as well. When water contaminated with radon is ingested, it can result in health problems such as stomach cancer. Since the number of deaths resulting from water-borne radon is much lower than the resulting deaths from airborne radon exposure, it isn’t as large of a threat. However, we still consider it good practice to test the drinking water in a home (in certain circumstances) to check for radon contamination.

Even though the majority of radon-related deaths are due to radon gas accumulation in the air of a home, as many as 1,800 deaths per year are associated with contaminated water supplies. High levels of radon are often found in areas in which the groundwater flows through granite or sand formations. If you live in an area with high radon concentration and receive your drinking water from a well, water testing is a good idea. As a radon contractor, Radon Detection & Control offers radon testing for household water.

Radon’s Link To Cancer

While water contamination may be a small concern, it can present two problems. Radon in the water can be ingested. The same radon can be aerated by being run through laundry machines, shower heads and faucets, poisoning the air as well as the water.

Guidelines for treating water contamination are quite different than those governing air contamination. Although the EPA recommends an action level of 4.0 pCi/L for airborne radon, they recommend an action level for only .4 pCi/L in the water in your home. Radon Detection & Control can help you test your water supply and provide solutions if necessary.

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